Friday, April 12, 2013

doctors-to-be--->how to start housemanship?

1) register in MMC. For the requirements, pls refer the website. If you havent gt ur certificate (which will be taken during oath taking ceremony), don't worry, u can still register MMC first.

2) Fill up spa form online. Then make a call to spa, telling them that u wanna make an appointment for the interview.

3) Send borang maklumat diri to KKM. Download the form from internet. Before you fill up ur choices for posting, u can (i m not so sure) ask the hospital or JKN whether there is empty posting in that hospital or not......

4) For jpa scholars, don't forget to inform jpa that u have ady finished ur study n u email the form (download from website) to bahagian pembangunan modal dan insan. Claim ur airticket (back to msia), angkat sumpah fees and allowance (once only).

5) Spa interview. For the interview, some ppl may not get medical questions, some may get. So be prepared.

6) Few weeks after the interview, u can make a call to SPA to ask ur result. U will receive SPA offer letter, attached with some forms. U nid to do medical check up as well.

7) Around one month after the interview, u will get KKM letter (with the condition that there are empty postings in the hospital. Currently, there are 7000+ HO in msia...)

8) PTM. For PTM, it is quite relaxing (but if u have rehearsal for the presentation at nite,hmmm...then u may sleep at 12 sth. During PTM, they are highlighting the budaya korporat, nilai2, tell u what are mentioned in Perkara Am BAB A,B,C,D....our career to write prescription...etc etc. If u're a lazy and santai person (like me), u don't need to prepare anything. Juz go there and have fun. On the 1st day of PTM, before u sleep, they will give u love letter from kkm, then u will noe where is ur posting. Those who wana appeal, u will write a letter and pass to faci on the next day. On the last day of PTM, for those who appeal, u will get to know the answer.

8) Start working on the following Monday......before that, u nid to call JKN to ask the staff whether u nid to lapor diri at there or straight away go to hosp.

Good luck, doctors-to-be ;) i think as long as we are optimistic and having the spirit, we will get through housemanship eventually and be promoted to UD 44 ;)

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